Would you like a steady flow of HIGH QUALITY REFERRALS for your business?


The Go To Network conducts background checks on all if our members to assure confidence in referring leads.


Each week we offer a new business training and discussion topic to keep advancing your business skills. Learn about professional growth, finance, marketing and more.

Featured Business Networking Members

Why join a business network group?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. No one can deny that the best lead is always a word of mouth referral. Why? Well to begin, it is not a cold lead, like the lead you may receive through conventional “shotgun” advertising. A word of mouth referral is a lead generated through a common bond. A trusted source who has referred a friend, relative, neighbor, work associate or close contact to YOU! This offers the distinct advantage of beginning your relationship with trust, a common bond, and most important – THEY NEED YOU!

This brings us back to the initial question. Why do I need The GoTo Network? In the world of business networking, no other group offers all of the elements of The GoTo Network. Our face to face weekly meetings bond us as a group. Our Internet based website is the hub, connecting our chapters on a global scale. The tools and resources offered to our Members through our website are unmatched.

The Go To Network provides its member many benefits on top of the leads you will generate with our referral network. Other benefits include:

  • Background Checks – All Members complete a “background check”, for added assurance that you are dealing with a professional and trustworthy business person.
  • Dedicated Profile Page – Each Member displays a personal, profile page on our website, promoting their business to other Members and consumers.
  • Increased Online Visibility – We drive consumers to our website and to our Members.
  • Rating & Reviews – Consumers are empowered by rating our Members after services have been rendered.
  • Spiffs – Our Members are compensated for sponsoring new Members into The GoTo Network.
  • Weekly Topics – Learn about new and old proven strategies to help manage and grow business.
  • Social Events – After hours and lunch networking events

What The Go To Network Offers?

Lead Increase via Referrals


Client Satisfaction


Happy Members


Business Revenue Increase


Looking for Quality Business?

Look now further! The Goto Network does background checks on all of its' members to assure you are hiring true professionals.

Have Questions?

Check some of our frequently asked questions for answers.   We know this may not cover all questions to be sure to contact us if you cannot find an answer in our FAQs.

What is the background check?

All Members of The GoTo Network have completed a comprehensive background check by backgroundchecks.com, a company with instant access to over 300 million criminal records. You can be assured that whatever product or service you are looking for, the individuals you choose have been pre-screened and agree to conduct their business by the high standards of our code of conduct. 

Will The GoTo Network review and decide on the background check?

All Background checks are conducted and reviewed by backgroundchecks.com, a third party vendor and not The GoTo Network. All information acquired from the background check report is private and will not be shared. 

Can I join The GoTo Network under my part time position?

Members must represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.

How do I know that Members of The GoTo Network are reputable?

All Members agree to our comprehensive annual background check and our code of conduct. Members are invited by existing Members. Consumers may post ratings on our Members for goods delivered and services rendered.

What is the policy on attending meetings?

Weekly meetings will last for approximately 90 minutes, beginning at 7:30 AM, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays only. Members are required to arrive on time and to stay for the entire meeting.

What if I can not attend a specific meeting?

Attendance is critical to the group. If a member cannot attend, one may send a substitute (not another member of the Team) to the meeting in his/her place. This will not count as an absence.

Can I bring a guest to a meeting?

Visitors may be invited to attend up to two Team meetings as a guest. All guests will be introduced at the beginning of each meeting and will have the opportunity to briefly describe their business and what they do. Guests will not participate during the Members infomercial portion of the meeting.

Are meetings held at different times of the day?

Meetings are held first thing in the morning, as an important part of a Members work week. Beginning promptly at 7:30 AM, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays only.

Why can there be only one Member per business classification in each local Team?

So that other Members will not feel uncomfortable in selecting who to give an appropriate business referral. This eliminates any concern of competition between Members of a local Team. Each Member will receive all referrals for his/her business classification in their specific local Team

What is your policy on MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies?

The GoTo Network has decided to adopt a no Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Policy for its membership. Many networking groups currently in the marketplace allow network marketers to join and promote their opportunity at their meetings. The primary function of most MLM opportunities is to recruit other people into their business. While there are some fine products being promoted with this method of marketing, the focus is on growing an army of recruits. Unfortunately, many people have had a negative experience from overzealous representatives trying to grow their network. We want to eliminate any possibility of our members feeling pressured to try products they do not want or need or be concerned with on-going attempts from fellow members to recruit them into the business they represent. Our business model is strictly for professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent sales representatives of non-MLM companies..

How do you find new Members?

Most new Members are invited and sponsored by existing Members. Our network of top 10% business people must first complete our comprehensive background check before acceptance into The GoTo Network.

How much does it cost to become a Member?

1. The applicant pays the annual membership fee of $299 to become a Member/Business Builder; and
2. Commencing month two and continuing as long as you are a member in good standing, a $49.95 monthly recurring fee. 

How do Members benefit?

Members benefit with a constant stream of high quality word of mouth referrals from other Members and consumers. By associating with like minded high caliber business people. Utilizing our resource rich website and strong internet presence. Each Member has his/her own customizable webpage with tools to help them grow their business.