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Juice Plus
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Health & Wellness Products
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P.O Box 07186
Fort Myers
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Juice Plus is the best selling, most researched brand name whole food nutritional product in the world. "If you're not investing in your wellness, you are subsidizing your illness."
Juice Plus is 25 fruits, vegetables and grains condensed and encapsulated...It's whole food... It's better than organic! Read more at Www.Lutkoff.JuicePlus.com
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Sandra Dillon     10:04: PM on Jun 16 . 2013
Andy's product, Juice Plus, has helped me to feel better. I feel better within a short period of time after taking it. I highly recommend Andy and a Juice Plus.
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Chris Smyth     09:30: PM on Jun 12 . 2013
Juice Plus has been a very positive addition to my nutritional system. Thank you Andy for introducing it to me and my family. Chris Smyth
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Charles Cartr     06:16: PM on Jun 12 . 2013
Product and service at the superior level. Highly recommended!
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