ChrisSmyth is Protecting Families & Businesses from Identity Theft w/Full Restoration & Life Legal Issues.
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Legal Shield - Peace of Mind with Legal and Identity Protection.

Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with Legal Shield, everyone can access it. Legal Shield gives you the ability to talk to a law firm on any matter without worrying about the High Hourly costs. For one flat monthly fee you and your family can access legal advice, NO matter how Traumatic or Trivial the issue. From Unlimited consultation(s) to real estate to divorce advice, identity theft restoration and beyond. That's why under the protection of Legal Shield you and your family can live your life worry-free, every day, every night, now and forever.

. Full Service Attorney Firm
. Unlimited Legal Consulting
. Unlimited Document Review
. Will Preparation (Free Annual Updates)
. Traffic Issues
. Financial Issues
. Commercial or Primary Residence Issues
. Identity Theft Protection with FULL Restoration

Nationwide and 4 Providence(s) of Canada Top Attorney Firms for any issue.

For about One Dollar a Day this service will protects
. The Member
. The Member's Spouse or Significant other
. Never-married dependent children under age 26 living at home as well
as Full-Time college students
. Full-time college students never married,
. Dependent children under age 18 for whom the member is the legal
. Physically or mentally disabled children living at home

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Margaret PInon     04:03: PM on Oct 31 . 2013
Chris made the process so simple! Within a couple of hours of submitting my application I had an email confirming receipt. The peace of mind I now have is worth 10x the monthly fee. Thank you Chris!
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Chris Smyth     10:10: AM on Jun 13 . 2013
I have found the Goto Network to very professional and who will help in a moment notice. They will help you when things are at their worst or you just need a positive suggestion.
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charlotte stewart     09:22: AM on Jun 04 . 2013
Explained everything and gave examples. Made it easier to relate it to my situations
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