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FliqStamp/Raventions Inc
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Inspired by personalized service, we looked for a unique and memorable way to help people connect with their loved ones, employees and customers, especially when they can't be there in person. This is how the idea of FliqStamp was born. We created a URL that is pre-programmed so a secure personalized video message can be uploaded to share. In order to make it fast and efficient, we added QR code scanning capabilities to eliminate extra steps. We also kept the simplicity of the process in mind as our main focus: attach | scan | upload.
Envision how our technology can transform the way you reach out to people. FliqStamp is the virtual video sticker that can be attached to anything you can think of… from simply adding a FliqStamp surprise video message to presents, flowers or postcards, to sending personalized welcome messages to your employees or customers, to sending memorable, customized invitations for a big event, or by using it on a product for instructional purposes. Imagine your clients, friends or loved ones not only receiving your message, but truly “feeling” your message with a surprise video and personalized message.

Our goal is simple… “help people to send moments that matter through epic technology and design.”

How would you send the moment?
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