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Small Business Lending
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Business Consulting
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2213 Campestre Ter.
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My funding sources provide small business loans, starting at $6,000. Basic qualifications are $100,000 in annual sales and one year in business. The streamlined application process takes 15 minutes to complete, and includes a simple application and 3 months of current bank statements. We get back to the owner with a decision within 24 hours, usually same day. Closing takes place within 48 hours. We are an unsecured lender, and report to the business credit bureaus to establish credit in the business name. Our interest is also tax deductible, just like a bank loan. Our loans are typically to businesses that may not qualify for a bank loan. Automotive shops, plumbing and air conditioning companies, restaurants, beauty and nail salons, landscape companies and repair shops are among a few of our many customers.

Additionally I represent IdentityForce, an 37 year old Identity, Privacy, and Credit Protection company. IdentityForce is the industry leader in the identity theft world. IDF is a private company, but we have protected the identity of millions of customers over the years. We have two retail products offered at $14.95 per month and $19.95 per month. Our UltraSecure+Credit product is the premier product in the industry. They can be reviewed at https://secure.identityforce.com/forever?offer=colus or contact me.
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