Consumer Benefits

Annual Member background checks
Do you need a plumber, an accountant, a carpet cleaner, or a dentist? Are you concerned with the credibility of who you contact? All Members of The GoTo Network have completed a comprehensive "background check" through backgroundchecks.com, a company with instant access to over 300 million criminal records. You can be assured that whatever product or service you are looking for, the individuals you choose have been pre-screened and agree to conduct their business by the high standards of our code of conduct.
Our comprehensive background check includes a US Alias Search, which confirms the authenticity of a Member's Social Security Number, along with a list of any alias names including maiden names. Next, a County Criminal Search, for uncovering criminal records dating back a minimum of seven years from any county in the USA.

Have a voice! Post ratings on Members
As a consumer, you may post ratings, after doing business with Members of The GoTo Network. Our rating system is a powerful means of insuring that business professionals provide goods and services as promised. Members with positive ratings are rewarded with higher rankings and more business from eager customers. Consumers have the ability to search our website, for needed goods and services, by area and business type. You decide who to use, from the information you have gathered, including other consumer ratings. This is quite empowering, allowing you to make your decision based upon results rather than chance, and preferred over using an obsolete system like the yellow pages.

Instant FREE access to our Member Directory
Search The GoTo Network Directory to find a needed business professional in your area. View Member profile pages for their business information, including photos, videos, coupons, consumer ratings, contact information and more. It's fast, easy and FREE!
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