Explanation of our Background Checks

For Consumers:

Do you need a plumber, an accountant, a carpet cleaner, or a dentist? Are you concerned with the credibility of who you contact? All Members of The GoTo Network have completed a comprehensive background check through backgroundchecks.com, a company with instant access to over 300 million criminal records. You can be assured that whatever product or service you are looking for, the individuals you choose have been pre-screened and agree to conduct their business by the high standards of our code of conduct.

Our comprehensive background check includes a US Alias Search, which confirms the authenticity of a Member's Social Security Number, along with a list of any alias names including maiden names. Next, a County Criminal Search, for uncovering criminal records dating back a minimum of seven years from any county in the USA.

NOTE: Information on Members of The GoTo Network, as described above, may change or expire over time. While The GoTo Network attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, by conducting annual background checks on our Members; we cannot guarantee that profile and screening information is accurate. We recommend that before working with an individual Member, you verify that information presented is current and/or acceptable to you. All background checks are conducted on individual Members, not necessarily the business or larger company that they may work for or represent.

For Members:

By agreeing to have a comprehensive background check completed, with backgroundchecks.com, you are adding a level of integrity to your reputation beyond the goods and services you provide. All information acquired from the background check report is private and will not be shared. We use this information as validation of your credentials.

The GoTo Network has enlisted the services of backgroundchecks.com, as a third party vendor, for the benefit of all Members. This service allows you the opportunity to provide added assurance to customers/clients visiting The GoTo Network website that you are a professional and trustworthy business person.

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